Iñupiat Adapting (Yves Brower)

Video Shot in: 2022

Yves Brower reflects on the changing rainfall patterns in Barrow, Alaska, now called Utqiaġvik, and its impact on the local environment. Yves grew up in Massachusetts but moved to Utqiaġvik in 1995. He describes how precipitation has increased over the years, with heavier rainstorms replacing the light misty rain and foggy conditions of the past. Yves notes that these changes have affected the wastewater treatment plant, causing significant increases in water flow. He mentions the rise in snowfall and subsequent snowmelt during the spring, resulting in marshier tundra and more water on the landscape. Despite these transformations, Yves, like the indigenous Iñupiaq community, maintains a healthy perspective of adaptation. He emphasizes the need to embrace change and find new ways of living harmoniously with nature. Yves reminisces about the traditional whale hunting practices and expresses a sense of loss as the culture evolves.