2022 and Changes in Hunting & Whaling on the North Slope (Yves Brower)

Video Shot in: 2022

Prior to this job as chief of operations at Barrow Utilities and Electric, Yves Brower had various offshore and dredging jobs while engaging in arts and crafts and hunting to support his family. Though his hunting activities have been reduced since obtaining a permanent job, he still manages to get out quite a bit. Yves loves living in the Utqiaġvik area, remarking on the beauty of the land and the changing seasons, particularly the mesmerizing winter Northern Lights. Yves acknowledges that hunting has faced challenges due to the warming climate, with less stable ice for hunting seals and whales. There is a new need for increased caution during hunting expeditions. He notes changes in animal behavior, such as caribou getting skinnier and the migration of lynx farther north.