Why Yves Brower loves the Arctic and Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow)

Video Shot in: 2009

Yves Brower describes the uniqueness and beauty of the Arctic during winter. He expresses admiration for the pristine white landscape, the crunching sound of snow, and the incredible friendliness of the people in the close-knit community of Utqiaġvik, Alaska. Yves shares his strong attachment to the Arctic, the longing he feels when away, and his reluctance to live elsewhere. He reflects on his father’s experience being sent to school in Sitka, the loss of his grandmother, and his own return to the Arctic. Yves discusses the different hunting seasons throughout the year, including whaling, caribou hunting, fishing, and trapping, highlighting the constant activity and engagement with nature in his life. He contrasts this with the perceived boredom of newcomers who spend their winters indoors, emphasizing his own full schedule and lack of time for television.