Meet Outdoorsman Yves Brower

Video Shot in: 2009

Yves Brower, a resident of Barrow (the town now goes by its native name, Utqiaġvik), shares his background and connection to the Arctic region. Born in California, Yves moved to Massachusetts and didn’t return to Barrow until he was 13. It was during a stay with his uncle and a hunting expedition that he fell in love with the area and knew he would eventually move back. After finishing high school and spending three years in college, Yves made his permanent move to Barrow in 1995. Coming from a large family with relatives in every village of the North Slope, Yves takes pride in his heritage, with his father and uncle being avid hunters and whalers. He is part of his Uncle Eugene Brower’s whaling crew, which involves extensive preparations such as breaking trails through the ice, making skin boats, sleds, and gathering supplies. Yves explains that whaling is not only a significant cultural tradition but also a practical way to secure food in a region where expenses are high. Despite the hard work involved, Yves finds joy in hunting and cherishes the time spent with his family members, passing on his knowledge and love for hunting to his son. He appreciates the beauty of the Arctic landscape, its vastness, and the sense of exploration it offers.