Steven #4

Video Shot in: 2009

Stephen Johnson, a seasoned cook and baker working in the North Slope, Alaska, shares his experiences working in various remote camps. Among the 100 camps he’s visited, two particularly stand out: Neighbors Alaska Drilling 1ES and the Kaparik River Inn. The Neighbors camp is memorable due to the extreme cold and prolonged darkness of the winter, where he was responsible for preparing meals for satellite oil drilling rigs. The demanding nature of this job included ensuring meals remained warm during transportation to various sites. The Kaparik River Inn, on the other hand, was notable for its challenging conditions, such as leaks during the thaw and the need to cater to 500 people in an aging facility. Stephen recalls a particularly hectic first day where he had to improvise cooking methods due to equipment failures. Despite these challenges, Stephen finds satisfaction in providing homestyle food and a friendly service to the workers, earning their respect and appreciation. His story reflects the hard work and ingenuity required to cater to large crews in the demanding Arctic environment.