Steven #3

Video Shot in: 2009

Stephen Johnson discusses the importance of physical fitness and a high-calorie diet in the Arctic due to the harsh environment. He notes that people in the area typically consume three to four thousand calories daily. To maintain fitness, many engage in activities like hiking and long-distance running. He shares a story about the development of long-distance running in Prudhoe Bay, particularly an organized run called the Endicott Run that started in the mid-1980s. This event, held on a man-made island connected by a causeway, attracted hundreds of participants and required careful planning, including bear watches for polar bear safety. The run was a success and led to other similar events in the area. Additionally, he mentions a unique form of exercise at Kaparuk, where people walk between two large camps about a half-mile apart, jokingly referring to this as the “Kaparuk Marathon.” Johnson’s narrative highlights the community’s creative ways to stay fit and healthy in the challenging Arctic environment.