Steve talks about surviving a plane crash in the arctic

Video Shot in: 2009

Steve Hastings recounts a harrowing experience during a flight from Prudhoe Bay. While waiting for a trailer’s brakes to be fixed, he received a call about a minor incident involving a propeller strike caused by a box left on the runway. Later, as he was about to board his flight, he chose a seat behind the wing rather than in the co-pilot seat. During the flight, the plane stalled after taking off due to the landing gear being retracted, leading to a crash. Hastings, who had been reading a book, found himself in the midst of a cockpit fire following the crash. He miraculously survived with minor burns and crushed vertebrae. The accident left him hospitalized for several months, during which he spent quality time reading and bonding with his elderly parents. Despite the trauma, Hastings continued to fly but experienced anxiety during turbulence, particularly on longer flights. His story is a testament to both the fragility of life and the unexpected turns it can take.