Why Steve Loves the Arctic

Video Shot in: 2009

Steve Hastings shares his profound appreciation for the Arctic, emphasizing the dramatic seasonal changes and the unique experiences each season brings. He recalls vivid moments like witnessing a river break free in early spring, observing the synchronous arrival of different bird species, and watching the transformation of the tundra from brown to green with blooming flowers. In the fall, he describes the tundra turning to shades of yellow and orange before snowstorms herald the return of winter. Hastings is particularly struck by the wildlife, recounting a memorable encounter with a herd of caribou in Prudhoe Bay. Beyond the natural wonders, he expresses deep respect for the native people living in the Arctic, highlighting their enduring traditions and subsistence activities. He mentions the significance of whale hunting and the dangerous yet essential practice of ice fishing, illustrating the resilience and cultural richness of the Arctic inhabitants. Hastings’ reflections convey a deep connection to both the dramatic natural environment and the resilient communities of the Arctic.