Our Speakers

Former Assistant Logistics Coordinator, BASC, Barrow, Alaska

A resident of Barrow, AK, Roy accompanies scientists out on the ice and helps keep scientists safe.

Steve Amstrup is chief scientist emeritus for Polar Bears International

Dr. Len Barrie is an atmospheric chemist

Iñupiaq Elder from Wainwright, AK, descendant of a Boston whaler

Atmospheric Chemistry, Environment Canada

Former President of the Barrow Whaling Captains Association, Whaling Captain, and Iñupiaq Elder

Yves Brower is the chief of operations at the BUECI and manages wastewater collection, distribution, and treatment.

Former Areas Wildlife Biologist, Alaska’s Department of Fish & Game

Seabird Biologist studying in Arctic Alaska since 1970.

Florent Domine is currently a “Directeur de Recherche”, a CNRS position at Takuvik Joint International Laboratory

Retired polar bear expert formerly with the US Geological Survey (USGS) in Anchorage, Alaska

Glaciologist, Professor of Geophysics at the Geophysical Institute and the Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Frank Flocke is an atmospheric chemist

Helicopter Pilot, Polar Bear Project

Jose D. Fuentes is a Professor of Meteorology at Penn State University

Newbery-winning author of Julie of the Wolves

Former Senior Wildlife Biologist (Bowhead Whales), Department of Wildlife Management, North Slope Borough, Utqiagvik, Alaska

Former Arctic Slope Regional Corporation’s Executive Vice President of Lands and Natural Resources

Utqiagvik resident from Acuitzio del Canje, Michoacán, Mexico

Professor of Chemistry, Vice Provost for Research and Chief Research Officer at Villanova University, Villanova, PA

Steve Hastings is an ecologist who studies the ways in which plants adapt to climate in ecosystems

Associate Professor, Purdue University’s Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and co-founder of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center

Anne Jensen is an archaeologist affiliated with the Department of Anthropology and the Museum of the North at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Arctic cook/baker at Ilisagvik College in Barrow, Alaska

Kitchen Manager, Ilisagvik College

Former Proprietor NARL Hotel, Utqiagvik, Alaska

Field Biologist with ten years experience capturing polar bears on the Southern Beaufort Sea.

Author and Cofounder of ArcticStories.net

Senior Research Scientist Emerita at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Research biologist for the US Geological Survey, Anchorage, AK

Senior Director of Conservation and Staff Scientist At Polar Bears International

Adjunct Associate Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth College

Professor of Chemistry, University of Michigan

Dr. Cheryl Rosa is Deputy Director and Anchorage-based Alaska Director of the United States Arctic Research Commission (USARC).

Founding Executive Director of BASC (Barrow Arctic Science Consortium)

Dr. Bill Simpson, an environmental chemist at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks

Atmospheric Physics & Chemistry, researcher in Air Quality Research Branch of Environment Canada

Physical scientist working for Environment Canada’s Air Quality Research Division

Professor of Geophysics, University of Alaska-Fairbanks/Geophysical Institute

Former Owner of Pepe’s North of the Border Mexican Restaurant

Polar Bear Photographer

Senior Director of Conservation and Staff Scientist at Polar Bears International