Roy Ahmaogak

A resident of Utqiagvik, AK, Roy accompanies scientists out on the ice and helps keep scientists safe.



Roy Ahmaogak, a resident of the village of Wainwright also known as Ulguniq or Kuuk, shares stories of his encounters with polar bears and the challenges they pose to the community. He recalls a recent incident where a large polar bear was spotted near in town prompting wildlife authorities and public safety officers to intervene. Roy emphasizes the unpredictability and danger associated with polar bears, urging caution and vigilance when venturing outdoors. Reflecting on a previous year when an unusually high number of polar bears came close to and through town, Roy explains how this phenomenon was unprecedented and likely a result of their limited habitat options, with such occurrences certain to become more common in the future, leading to increased encounters with polar bears. When asked about joining a group heading out to confront a polar bear, Roy confirms that he will be accompanying them, armed for protection.

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