The Intersection Between Eskimo and Scientific Knowledge (Richard Glenn)

Video Shot in: 2009

Richard Glenn, a renowned expert in Arctic science and traditional knowledge, shares his deep understanding of the Arctic environment. Through his experiences studying sea ice and its physical properties, he draws fascinating parallels between frozen ocean layers and cooling lava. Richard emphasizes the importance of being physically present in the Arctic, as it offers a unique opportunity to witness and comprehend the intricacies of nature firsthand. He values the concept of “ground truthing,” where direct observation and experience complement remote sensing technologies. Richard highlights the continuous learning process within traditional knowledge, where individuals pass down wisdom to younger generations, fostering a sense of self-improvement and growth. As a co-captain in his family’s whaling crew, he embraces the responsibility of passing on knowledge and experiences to ensure the preservation of cultural traditions. Richard recounts a perilous incident on shifting ice that taught him the importance of respecting nature’s power and relying on traditional knowledge to make informed decisions.