Peter Lourie Talks About A Life of Adventure & Writing

Video Shot in: 2022

In this engaging conversation between atmospheric chemist Dr. Paul Shepson and writer Pete Lourie, the two friends reflect on their long-standing friendship and their shared love for adventure and exploration. Paul admires Peter’s life, which he sees as a romantic journey filled with thrilling experiences, writing about them, and inspiring others, especially school children. Peter discusses the places he has traveled for his 26 books, but also expresses his longing for the destinations he hasn’t yet visited. Peter reveals his fascination with East Africa, a place he felt compelled to explore from an early age and to write about, especially the topic of human evolution. He also mentions his unfinished projects, such as books on the Potomac and Ganges Rivers, and a sequel to his novel about Captain Kidd’s treasure. Pete’s desire to visit Pitcairn Island, the setting of the Mutiny on the Bounty, resonates with Paul’s own longing for faroff historic and fictional places like Treasure Island. Both express their profound connection to the past and the thrill of walking in the footsteps of explorers and adventurers. They discuss the Arctic as a unique place that preserves the remnants of past expeditions and serves as a living museum.