Dr Paul Shepson Reflects on his Passion for Working in the Arctic

Video Shot in: 2022

Dr. Paul Shepson, “Shep,” talks about his fascination with the remoteness of the Arctic. His first Arctic adventure in 1990 sparked a love for the untouched beauty of the region. And as a chemist, (he admits “it was my pathway, my excuse, to get to a place that was very exotic”), he delved into the Arctic’s chemical world, uncovering the impact of human activities on its atmosphere, including Arctic Haze. He discovered pollutants like sulfur dioxide and coal emissions and their effects on ozone depletion and mercury transformation. Dr. Shepson’s passion extends to meeting and learning from indigenous peoples of the region who are “much more in touch with the natural world.” Shep hopes his work has contributed to protecting the Arctic and inspiring the next generation to make a positive impact. Despite concerns for the future, he remains optimistic about humanity’s ability to implement sustainable practices and restore the Earth’s balance.