Meet Mike Lockhart, Listen to him talk about Polar Bear Capture

Video Shot in: 2009

Mike Lockhart is a biologist who has dedicated his career to wildlife conservation and environmental consulting. With 33 years of experience working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service focusing on various projects involving endangered species, raptors, carnivores, and more, has recently been heavily involved in both addressing polar bear issues in the Arctic and assessing the environmental impact of wind farms in Wyoming. Mike’s expertise lies in aerial wildlife work and telemetry. He has spent nine field seasons in the Arctic, primarily in the South Beaufort Sea region, conducting hands-on work such as “capturing” bears, collecting biological samples, and fitting radio collars. Mike’s typical day involves early mornings, meticulous equipment preparation, and helicopter missions to locate and capture polar bears, which can be challenging due to the vastness of the Arctic terrain.