Love of the Arctic (Matthew Sturm)

Video Shot in: 2009

Dr. Matthew Sturm, a passionate Arctic explorer, describes the unique allure of the region. He finds the beauty of the Arctic to be subtle and nuanced, unlike the more obvious grandeur of the Alps or other majestic mountains. Here the interplay of light, ice, and colors an exotic landscape captivates him. Dr. Sturm emphasizes the rich history embedded in the Arctic, from the first footsteps of indigenous peoples to the achievements of Western explorers and scientists. The vastness of the Arctic, with its expansive spaces and the solitude of being hundreds of miles from the next human, adds to its appeal. He highlights the strange and captivating lighting phenomena, such as diamond dust and halos, that add to the Arctic’s allure. In terms of comfort, Dr. Sturm notes that with proper gear and acclimatization, the discomforts are minimal, and the relaxed environment offers respite from the busy office life. He also acknowledges the timeless quality of the Arctic, where one can momentarily escape the hustle and bustle of daily routines and be immersed in the serenity and magic of the icy landscape.