Snowpack Photochemistry (Dr Leonard Barrie)

Video Shot in: 2024

Dr. Leonard Barrie discusses his involvement in acid rain research, particularly in setting up the Air and Precipitation Monitoring Network for Canada, which later evolved into the Canadian Air and Precipitation Monitoring Network (CAPMoN). This initiative reflects the broader atmospheric science community’s efforts in addressing and solving the issue of acid rain, a problem now considered largely resolved. Barrie also reflects on collaborations with Carrie Pratt and Lucy Carpenter regarding iodine research, highlighting the intriguing findings regarding seasonal variations in bromide and iodine levels. These discoveries spurred interest in studying photochemistry within snowpacks, with Europeans and other researchers approaching the topic from different perspectives. Barrie emphasizes the contrasting viewpoints between those studying halogen chemistry from satellite data and those examining ground-level instrumentation, underscoring the complexities of Arctic atmospheric chemistry. These insights have had a significant impact on understanding long-range transport chemistry and its implications for various fields, including the study of ice cores and post-depositional processing of chemical species in snow.