Being at Alert on Ellsmere Island, Canada (Dr Len Barrie)

Video Shot in: 2024

Dr. Leonard Barrie reflects on his experiences in the Arctic during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He describes the remote and tranquil atmosphere of the Special Studies Laboratory, emphasizing the profound quietude and stillness of the environment. Barrie marvels at the vastness and beauty of the Arctic landscape, accentuated by the crisp, wind-driven snowpack, which contrasts with the softer snow of his Appalachian upbringing. Despite the extreme cold, he feels at home in this environment, finding it peaceful and relaxing. Barrie’s colleague, Pete, shares similar sentiments, having also explored various facets of the Arctic. The duo’s experiences, including flying over the Arctic Ocean, evoke a sense of gratitude towards Barrie for facilitating such unforgettable adventures.