Meet Dr Leonard Barrie

Video Shot in: 2024

Dr. Leonard Barrie’s video captures a conversation with two close friends in the Arctic, reflecting on his diverse upbringing and career in meteorology. The discussion begins with an inquiry into Barrie’s background, prompting him to recount his upbringing in various locations, including Sherbrooke, Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Richland (Washington), Frankfurt, Geneva, Stockholm, and Cyprus. The dialogue highlights a notable nine-month stint in Grob, an experience that left a lasting impression. Barrie reflects on the influence of these diverse environments on his development, both personally and professionally. The conversation delves into his journey into meteorology and the impact of living in such contrasting locales. Amidst reminiscing about his past, the discussion touches on which place held the most enjoyment for Barrie. Overall, the video offers an intimate glimpse into Barrie’s life and the pivotal role geography played in shaping his identity and career path.