Jean Craighead George's Home: Part Two

Video Shot in: 2010

Jean discusses various items in her home and their significance. She explains the baleen, which are filters hanging from the roof of a whale’s mouth. These filters, numbering 640 in total, function to separate and capture the whale’s food from the water. The baleen here was brought back by her son, Craig (Dr. John “Craig” George, whale biologist). Jean also points out a painting on the wall by artist Tom Melvin, a friend of Craig’s, who is known for his mural artwork in Chicago. She mentions her long tenure in the house where the interview takes place (in her kitchen), having lived there for 54 years and raising her children there. Jean expresses her attachment to the place, even though it would be practical to move closer to her daughter Twig in Maryland. She takes the interviewer through her office. Jean mentions missing the animals she used to have in the house when the kids were growing up, and she finds solace in her pet African gray parrot, with whom she communicates. Despite not having many animals around anymore, she recalls joyous former times with crows, tarantulas, robins, mice, and white-tailed deer. As she gazes out of her office, she finds inspiration in the beauty of nature, particularly in the dynamic movements of waterfalls and fire.