Jean Craighead George's Home: Part One

Video Shot in: 2010

Jean Craighead George describes her unique process of creating panoramic drawings for her books. She explains how she starts with a line and continues sketching, folding the books over and over until a complete panorama unfolds. She shares an example of a drawing depicting people pulling a whale onto land during the spring whaling season. She proudly mentions that many of her books feature her own illustrations, as she studied art in college. While some editors suggested hiring other artists, she found it more enjoyable to illustrate her own books. She also discusses the artwork in “My Side of the Mountain,” clarifying that the drawings were done by Caldecott Medal-winner John Schoenherr. Moving on to her home, Jean mentions her 17-year-old African gray parrot, known for its exceptional talking abilities. The parrot says phrases like “Who let the dogs out?” and recognizes people’s names. Jean showcases Alaskan masks and Eskimo dolls that she collected, along with whale bone carvings and other artifacts.