What Jean Craighead George learns from Her Son, Whale Biologist Craig George

Video Shot in: 2010

In a conversation with the Newbury-winning writer Jean Craighead George, the author discusses her son Craig’s journey to the Arctic and his immersion in the world of whales. After graduating from Utah State, Craig took a job counting whales and never returned home. Jean shares that Craig has been teaching her about whales and taking her on adventures, including camping on the ice in freezing temperatures. She vividly describes the experience of venturing out of a warm sleeping bag into the frigid cold. Jean recounts a moment when she listened to the whales’ low notes from the Acoustics lab, marveling at their unique communication. Inspired by her experiences and Craig’s wealth of knowledge, Jean decided to write a book about whales. Craig provided her with new information, such as how whales play with logs when surrounded by ice. The Eskimos have a deep love for these magnificent creatures, and Jean embarked on writing the story, incorporating the lives of generations of Iñupiat and the bowhead whale they hunt.