How Jean Craighead George Came to Write and Research Julie of the Wolves

Video Shot in: 2010

Author Jean Craighead George reflects on her journey to the Arctic and the inspiration behind her renowned book, “Julie of the Wolves.” She explains that she initially traveled north after learning from Dr. L. David Mech that wolves are friendly.mJean encountered a young girl in the Arctic, whom she affectionately called Julie. Jean’s understanding of wolves blossomed during her time at the Arctic Research Lab, where scientists taught her about the plants and the ways in which wolves communicate through their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and posture. She developed a unique bond with a mother wolf and her four wolf pups, gradually gaining their trust. Dr. Michael Fox studied the behavior of the alpha male and conducted tests and observations on the wolves, revealing traits like curiosity, perseverance, and assertiveness. Jean found similarities between these wolf characteristics and human behavior.