The "Music" of the Arctic (Jan Willem Bottenheim)

Video Shot in: 2009

Dr. Jan Willem Bottenheim reflects on his experiences in the Arctic, expressing his fascination with the sounds and music created by different types of snow. He shares his love for classical music and how the unique sounds of walking on snow inspired him. He mentions encountering a polar bear for the first time and discusses the wildlife commonly found in the Arctic, including Arctic foxes and wolf packs. Dr. Bottenheim describes the beauty of observing the wolves and shares an anecdote about hearing their calls during the midnight sun. He compares his experiences in Alert, Nunavut, Canada, to Barrow, now Utqiaġvik, Alaska, a town with a larger population and more amenities. He acknowledges the changes in the Arctic due to climate change and reflects on the philosophical question of whether the Earth’s transformations are inevitable and part of nature’s course. He expresses his appreciation for the current beauty of the Arctic while remaining open to the possibilities and beauty that may emerge in the future.