Whaling and the Positive Approach of the Whalers (Glenn Sheehan)

Video Shot in: 2022

Dr. Glenn Sheehan has left the North Slope, where he lived for decades, but has fond memories of the resilience and adaptability of the whaling communities in Utqiaġvik, Alaska. Dr. Sheehan emphasizes the strong organizational skills and attention to detail among the whaling captains, who work closely with the community to address challenges such as food distribution. He believes that despite climate and environmental changes, the cultural lives of the people remain intact, with a continued focus on successful whaling and sharing. Dr. Sheehan also touches on the potential impact of external decisions on the community and highlights the hidden concerns and day-to-day living of the community members in a subsistence culture. Dr. Sheehan sheds light on the strength and unity of the whaling communities in the face of ongoing changes.