Geoff York's Work for Polar Bear Survival

Video Shot in: 2022

Conversing with Pete Lourie and Dr. Paul Shepson, Geoff York shares his transition to Polar Bears International (PBI) from the World Wildlife Fund. PBI has grown rapidly over the years, expanding its research programs and focusing on advocacy and policy work. Despite their dedicated efforts, Geoff expresses concern about the state of polar bears and the impacts of climate change. He emphasizes the urgency of taking action and the lack of progress on the political front. But he also highlights positive developments such as advancements in electrification, renewable energy, and increased awareness of the impacts of oil and gas activities. When it comes to storytelling and outreach, Geoff finds videos to be the most powerful tool to educate the public, as they provide a visual and immersive experience for the audience. He believes in showcasing compelling visual assets and sharing genuine on-the-ground experiences to engage and educate people about the Arctic. Geoff and his team actively work with native peoples and communities, building relationships and collaborating on projects. They aim to involve local voices in the dissemination of information, ensuring a more comprehensive and authentic representation of the Arctic. Despite challenges, Geoff remains dedicated to his work, striving to make significant strides in conservation, even as the urgency to protect polar bears and their habitat continues to grow.