Polar Bear Encounter (Geoff York)

Video Shot in: 2009

Geoff York, an Arctic enthusiast and polar bear advocate, shares a captivating story of his closest encounter with a polar bear. While conducting research on the ice, Geoff and his team often attract the curiosity of other bears. One particular incident stood out when they unintentionally disturbed a female bear in her den. As they were examining the den, the bear unexpectedly emerged, causing a moment of panic. However, the bear displayed non-aggressive behavior, merely investigating their presence. Geoff recounts the intense moments when he thought his life might end, but he was amazed by the bear’s lack of aggression. Eventually, with the combined efforts of the team and their quick reactions, the encounter ended without harm to anyone involved. This incident reinforced Geoff’s understanding of the bears’ behavior and their focus on ensuring their own safety rather than attacking humans.