Love of the Arctic, the Sea Ice & the Freedom of Open Spaces but Big Changes Afoot (Geoff Carroll)

Video Shot in: 2009

Geoff Carroll reflects on the untouched wilderness of the North Slope, particularly the vastness of the sea ice and the sense of freedom it provides. He describes the pristine environment that re-forms every year, offering a fresh start and the opportunity to explore uncharted territory. Geoff expresses his gratitude for experiencing this untamed beauty before the onset of oil development and seismic exploration on the North Slope. He acknowledges, however, that change is inevitable and he anticipates a gradual degradation of the region’s natural state, understanding the need for economic development. Geoff highlights the significant changes in the sea ice that he has witnessed, with open water lasting longer into the fall season and the landfast ice becoming less stable, increasing hazards for travelers on the ice. He mentions the diminishing extent of ice in the Northwest Passage, and predicts future ship traffic in the summer, transforming the Arctic forever.