Goose Poop & Polar Bears (Fran Tate)

Fran Tate, a long-time resident in the Arctic, engages in a conversation about climate change and its effects. Sharing personal experiences, Fran reflects on the changing ice conditions and its impact on wildlife. Recounting a time when the ice never melted for an entire year, Fran highlights the challenges faced in providing fuel supplies to remote areas. Fran also mentions how climate fluctuations have affected the timing of ice formation and melting, making some years better than others. Fran expresses skepticism about the accuracy of modern technology in predicting weather patterns and advocates for respecting the traditional knowledge of native communities. Fran shares anecdotes about polar bear sightings and how their presence varies from year to year. Despite acknowledging the need to protect polar bears, Fran questions the classification of the species as endangered, citing the existence of an ample population. Through Fran’s conversation, it becomes apparent that climate change has brought both noticeable and unpredictable changes to the Arctic environment, emphasizing the importance of considering diverse perspectives and experiences when studying the impact of climate change.