Fran Tate's Life Now and Before

Fran Tate, an 80-year-old restaurateur, shares her remarkable life story. Born in 1929 to immigrant parents, Fran experienced the hardships of the Great Depression, living in a tent in a berry patch before her family settled in a small shack. Despite the challenges she found when she came to Utqiaġvik, she also found great comfort in her surroundings and loved the close-knitness of the community where she has lived for 39 years. Trained as an electrical engineer, Fran’s unexpected arrival in the town brought her to a primitive and isolated place, where she witnessed the strength of community solidarity during harsh weather and tragic events. Running a restaurant, Fran takes pride in knowing everyone by name and supporting her neighbors without seeking recognition. Her generosity and commitment have made her an integral part of the town’s fabric, fostering unity and support among its residents.