Breaking Trail & Finding Whales (Eugene Brower)

Video Shot in: 2009

Eugene Brower, an experienced observer of Arctic ice and whale migration, in the days before satellite technology, relied on his own observations while walking across the frozen landscapes. He explains how he would search for logical spots and landmarks, such as the Will Roger Wiley Post monument, to gauge the movement of ice and the path of the whales. The whales, he notes, follow a specific route between points, avoiding sudden turns along the shoreline. Eugene recounts a journey that took 16 days to cover a trail of about 16 miles, highlighting the challenges involved. He describes the presence of multiple crews and the teamwork required to track and strike the whales. Eugene reflects on the migration patterns of the whales, noting how they steadily travel north while communicating with each other through sounds that carry over long distances. His firsthand experiences offer valuable insights into the behavior and movement of these majestic creatures in the Arctic waters.