The Whaling Crew & Preparation of Boats and Equipment (Eugene Brower)

Video Shot in: 2022

Peter Lourie, Paul Shepson, Craig George, and Eugene Brower engage in a conversation discussing Eugene’s retirement from the Barrow Whaling Captains Association after 41 years as president. Due to health issues, he transferred his whaling equipment to his son Frederick Brower, who has become a successful and confident young captain. The crew consists of family members, including Eugene’s brother, uncle, and other experienced whalers. Recently the town has had a successful whaling season, landing all 15 whales without any losses. The crew size varies but is typically around 16 people. While traditional skin boats are still used, the process of preparing the boats and equipment has evolved over time, with advancements like ready-made skins and synthetic materials simplifying the process compared to traditional methods.