Dr. Ralf Staebler Studies the Arctic's Atmosphere

Video Shot in: 2009

Dr. Ralf M. Staebler is a research scientist at Environment Canada in Toronto, specializing in the atmosphere of the Arctic. His work in the Arctic focuses on studying ozone depletion and turbulence in the atmosphere. Dr. Staebler is interested in understanding how gasses and pollutants move and mix in the Arctic atmosphere. He utilizes instruments such as Sonic anemometers on the Environment Canada Micro Med Tower to measure turbulence. He also employs a Sonic SODAR device to measure wind speeds and directions at various altitudes. These measurements help to determine the depth of ozone depletion and the stability of the atmosphere. Additionally, Dr. Staebler monitors temperature, snow depth, and other meteorological parameters to gather comprehensive data on the Arctic environment. Despite challenges such as obstructions and human activity in the vicinity, Dr. Staebler’s research contributes to a better understanding of the unique atmospheric processes occurring in the Arctic region. Sometimes polar bears inspect his machines!