Ice Cover Changes & Ongoing Research (Paty Matrai)

Video Shot in: 2022

Dr. Paty Matrai, an emerita research scientist associated with Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in Mid Coast Maine, reflects on her research over the past 15 years, focusing on the changes in Arctic ice cover. With shifts in ice conditions, field research has become both easier and more challenging. Deploying equipment and autonomous vehicles in the Arctic has increased significantly, pushing her research towards modeling and connectivity with remote sensing. While the biggest changes are occurring in the shoulder seasons (spring and fall), she still co-led an expedition to the North Pole in 2018. The evolving Arctic presents new opportunities for data collection during the polar night, and it is evident that the region’s ecosystem remains active even in darkness and winter. The research now encompasses understanding what happens during these dark periods and includes studying the Land-Ocean interface, which is essential as the ice and the people residing there are profoundly affected by these changes.