How Dr. Lily Peacock came to study Polar Bears in the Arctic

Video Shot in: 2009

Dr. Lily Peacock had no idea she would end up studying polar bears and large mammals in the Arctic. Originally majoring in entomology and focusing on insects, her interests shifted while studying salmon in Alaska during graduate school. Fascinated by the impacts of human activities on animals, she began studying black bears and their population management in Southeast Alaska. Dr. Peacock found counting animals to be challenging yet intriguing, appreciating the complexity and mathematics involved. Eventually, she applied for a job studying polar bears in Nunavut, an opportunity that led her to a remote Arctic hamlet near Baffin Island. Living there for four field seasons, she and her husband embraced the adventure and the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture. The traditional lifestyle, language, and food captivated them. After deciding to return south, Dr. Peacock took a job in Anchorage, where she continues her research.