Dr. Jose Fuentes' Early Education & Escape from El Salvador

Video Shot in: 2024

Dr. Jose Fuentes shares his remarkable journey from El Salvador to Canada, highlighting the challenges and triumphs he encountered along the way. Born in El Salvador, José grew up in a small village, where he worked tirelessly to pursue his education despite facing political turmoil and oppression. After witnessing the closure of universities by military dictators and experiencing personal threats, José was compelled to seek refuge in the United States. Through determination and assistance from the Catholic Church, he secured a fellowship to study meteorology at Millersville University. José’s commitment to education and activism eventually led him to Canada, where he reunited with his family and built a new life. Despite enduring hardships, José’s resilience and perseverance enabled him to overcome adversity and thrive in his academic and personal pursuits. Today, he reflects on his journey with gratitude for the opportunities he has been afforded and remains dedicated to advocating for social justice and environmental sustainability.