Retreating Ice, Bowhead Whales, and the Iñupiat (Craig George)

Video Shot in: 2002

Dr. George reflects on his unexpected decision to raise a family in Barrow, Alaska, despite the expectations of leaving for better education opportunities. He highlights the unique and appealing aspects of the community, including its small size, diverse activities such as dog mushing, fishing, hunting, Eskimo dances, and the vibrant whaling culture. Dr. George emphasizes the positive aspects of the local schools and the supportive community. He expresses satisfaction with the experiences his family has had, including participating in whaling, festivals, outdoor activities, and encountering wildlife like caribou and polar bears. He appreciates the sense of safety and freedom for children to explore and enjoy the natural surroundings, which he believes is increasingly rare in urban areas. Overall, Dr. George describes his time in Barrow as a rewarding and enriching experience that has offered his family a unique and vibrant slice of America.