Stories About Sea Ice and Polar Bears (Hajo Eicken)

Video Shot in: 2009

Dr. Hajo Eicken discusses the unique characteristics of sea ice and its significance in the Arctic. He explains that sea ice forms a landscape that undergoes rapid changes within a short time frame, similar to the long-term evolution of natural landscapes on Earth. Dr. Eicken highlights the scientific interest in studying sea ice due to its high temperature relative to its melting point, allowing for insights into the evolution of rocks and other materials at high temperatures. He shares his personal journey into Arctic research, influenced by his experiences on an icebreaker cruise in the AntArctic and the interdisciplinary collaboration among scientists in that setting. Dr. Eicken emphasizes the importance of studying sea ice from multiple perspectives and fostering collaboration between different groups, such as indigenous communities, industry experts, and researchers, to better understand sea ice behavior and its implications for various interests in the Arctic, including climate, resource exploration, and local communities. He also discusses the evolving nature of scientific research, which now recognizes the value of integrating different perspectives, such as data analysis, modeling, and local expertise, to enhance understanding and inform measurements and experiments in the field.