Understanding the State of the Ice Today (Hajo Eicken)

Video Shot in: 2022

Dr. Hajo Eicken is a renowned expert in the study of ice, particularly sea ice in the Arctic. His extensive research has yielded significant insights and advancements in understanding the behavior and evolution of sea ice at both the micro and macro scales. Dr. Eicken’s work has focused on the microstructural composition of ice, its stability, formation, and decay, as well as its impact on various applications such as nutrient fluxes and oil spill management. Additionally, he has contributed to the coordination and management of Arctic coastal ice, providing valuable knowledge on its seasonality and implications for different users. Furthermore, Dr. Eicken is actively involved in the global effort to recognize the crucial role of sea ice as a climate regulator, ecosystem supporter, and habitat for biodiversity. His work aims to improve observations and predictions of sea ice, ensuring better access to information for decision-making, particularly for indigenous communities. With ongoing research and collaborations, Dr. Eicken continues to make significant contributions to the field while recognizing the challenges that lie ahead in understanding and managing sea ice in a changing climate.