Passing the Baton (Amanda Grannas)

Dr. Amanda Grannas discusses her scientific background and how even though she is in an administrative role at Villanova, after being in the field when Arcticstories first met her years ago, she is still actively involved in research, publishing, and mentoring students in the field or lab. She finds it rewarding to see students getting excited about research and flourishing, as well as seeing good science happen. Dr. Grannas thinks fondly of the past when she worked in Utqiaġvik meeting fantastic people like Iñupiaq elder and whaling captain Arnold Brower, learning from his experiences and appreciating the importance of traditional knowledge in the study of science. Grannas recalls a conversation she had with Mr. Brower in 2008 when he spoke about how, with changing ice conditions, it was becoming harder and harder for the Iñupiaq community to read the ice. Later that year, Arnold passed away after his snow machine went through the ice and he couldn’t get back to land and died of hypothermia. Her conversation with Arnold now haunts her because it serves as a powerful example of the impact of climate change on people’s lives.