Meet Donald Nokinba "Nok" Acker

Video Shot in: 2009

This is an interview with Donald Frederick Acker, also known as Kokinba or “Nok.” From Alakakit, Alaska, Nok has been living in Barrow (now called Utqiaġvik) since 1999. When this clip was made Nok was working for the Barrow Arctic Science Consortium (BASC), a nonprofit research support organization. He explains that his name is derived from an Athabascan word that means snowy owl, which was given to him by his parents. He talks about the differences between his culture and others, mainly regarding their source of food. He loves living in the Arctic, despite the extreme cold, and enjoys whaling, fishing, and documenting his experiences on YouTube. Nok is married and has three children whom he loves spending time with. He also mentions that whaling is a dangerous activity, and it is essential to have experienced crew members to ensure safety.