Staying Positive we can do this (Chris Polashenski)

Video Shot in: 2023

Chris Polashenski, expressing pessimism about global efforts to address climate change, shares his personal and professional experiences related to climate mitigation. Despite his efforts in public talks and educating people about the urgency of climate action, he has been disappointed by the limited response. Shifting his focus, Polashenski is actively engaged in climate mitigation activities, particularly on his wife’s farm in Vermont. They have committed to eliminating fossil fuel emissions from the farm within ten years, a project started in 2018. So far, they have significantly reduced emissions by implementing various initiatives like solar panels, heat pumps, and hybrid vehicles. Polashenski finds this approach of leading by example both achievable and impactful. However, he acknowledges the challenges in motivating broader societal change, highlighting the need for a deeper understanding of human behavior and motivation to drive effective climate action. His advice to those uncertain about their future is to consistently choose paths that are fun and involve good people, a principle that has guided his own career.