Love the Snow & the People (Chris Polashenski)

Video Shot in: 2023

Chris Polashenski shares his journey into Arctic research, which began with a childhood love for snow and led to his involvement in the Arctic studies program at Dartmouth College. Influenced by Ross Virginia, he initially worked as a technician in Barrow (now Utqiaġvik) for a field program related to the Arctic tundra. His interest in the Arctic was further nurtured by mentors like Matthew Sturm and Don Perovich, leading to a long-term career in the field. Polashenski holds a complex professional role, dividing his time between Vermont and Fairbanks to stay close to his research area. He is involved with Dartmouth for graduate student supervision and teaching, while also conducting field work in the Arctic every winter and spring. Despite his academic focus, Polashenski emphasizes the deep personal connections he has formed within the Arctic community, mentioning close relationships with various Arctic researchers and residents. His story underscores the interconnectedness of personal passion, academic research, and community ties in the pursuit of Arctic studies.