Polar Bears & Loss of Habitat

The single biggest threat to polar bears is decline to their habitat that’s likely to occur because of Global Warming

Polar Bears and the Future

Research Wildlife Biologist, Alaska Science Center, USGS, Anchorage, Alaska. Dr. Amstrup talks about Polar Bear science and managing bears as the pole warms up and the ice retreats.

Studying Polar Bears

Dr. Amstrup takes some time out in his office on the campus of the University of Alaska in Anchorage to talk about how polar bear research has moved from questions of hunting bears to climate change.

Story of a White Whale

Iff the coast of Barrow, Alaska, in the Chukchi Sea, whaling captain Eugene Brower has seen one white whale, and he’s seen it multiple times. He knows it by its markings..

The Whaling Camp & What the Whales know and see

Iñupiaq Eskimo elder Eugene Brower talks about whaling camp and what the whales see and know and how the whalers must learn to keep quiet and undetected if there is to be a successful hunt.