The intersection between Inupiaq Eskimo and scientific knowledge

Richard’s mother an Inupiaq Eskimo married Richard’s father who came to the Arctic to work on the DEW Line (a system of radar stations set up in the Arctic to detect incoming Soviet bombers during the Cold War) and Richard grew up in two worlds–that of San Francisco during the year and with his Inupiaq […]

Hunting on the North Slope

Yves talks about preparing for, then leaving on a long hunt. How he makes camp in the snow and why he loves hunting so much

Meet Yves Brower

Yves talks about growing up in Mass and always wanting to come back to the land of his ancestors. Then he makes the move and has never been happier

Muskox on the North Slope

Wildlife biologist Geoff Carroll in Barrow, Alaska, talks about the extirpation and reintroduction of muskox on the North Slope.

Sled Dogs

Geoff Carroll, area wildlife biologist for Alaska’s Dept of Fish and Game, hitches up his sled dogs. After taking his sled out onto the ocean ice, Geoff talks a little about Greenland Huskies like the ones he took to the North Pole with Will Steger in 1986.

To the North Pole

In 1986 Geoff helped Will Steger and others reach the North Pole by sled. In the first month they had only gone 100 miles and soon had to shed a great amount of gear in order to reach the pole. From years of working with the Inupiaq Eskimos Geoff knew the ice conditions and helped […]