In September of 2004, Paul Shepson  and Peter Lourie traveled to Barrow, AK (now Utqiaġvik) to start making contacts with the local Inupiaq people on Alaska’s North Slope, as part of the Broader Impacts component of a grant from the National Science Foundation.  That started a series of many trips to the Arctic, many publications, articles, books, photographs, and videos of people and places and cool things and goings on in the Arctic.  All of those experiences, and the rapid change occurring in the Arctic led Peter and Paul to create a web site, called  The site highlights video interviews of native Arctic people, scientists, and other people who live and work in the Arctic, focusing on the region around Utqiaġvik, Alaska.  The intent of the videos is to convey the nature of life in the Arctic, the relationships between the natural environment and people who live and work there, and the impact of climate change on that environment and the people and animals who call the Arctic their home.  The site features videos about science, people, and wildlife around the Arctic, and includes videos of some people who were filmed in the early 2000s, and then again from 2022 to 2024.  The videos cover the following topics: Arctic Life, Arctic Wildlife, Arctic Sea Ice, Climate Change, Arctic Science, and Arctic Ice Breakers.

Here we describe a bit about these topics, and direct you to the great videos and images from Alaska’s North Slope, and work on and over the Beaufort Sea and the Chukchi Sea.