If ever there was a species that epitomizes the term “charismatic megafauna” it would be the polar bear.  I know from my 1st year course that when students are asked to show an image of what they first think of when they think of climate change, it is an image of a polar bear on an ice floe in the Arctic Ocean.  At Utqiaġvik and other parts of coastal Alaska that connect to the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas polar bears are often seen feeding on seals and other Arctic Ocean mammals and fish.  At Utqiaġvik we have had the privilege of interacting with several different scientists who study polar bears, and their challenges in the face of climate change.  At arcticstories.net you can watch video interviews of the polar bear scientists, including Steve Amstrup, Lily Peacock, George Durner, and Geoff York.  These videos, as well as some great stills, can be seen at https://arcticstories.net/stories/wildlife/, and at https://arcticstories.net/gallery-wildlife/.