Arctic Life

The Arctic is remote, and stark, and beautiful, and often very cold, and yet rich with life, from the sea ice algae to some of the largest mammals on Earth.  It is also home to rich and ancient cultures, in some ways unchanged in a thousand years, but in other ways dramatically different at the interface with the world “down south.”  Much of Arctic human life is about survival, and subsistence hunting, fishing, and whaling.  In the photo gallery there are beautiful photographic expressions of the celebration of life, from struggle, to success to great abundance, e.g., as seen at the annual Kivgiq festival that is held along the North Slope.  On the site, you can hear tales from the people who live and work in the Arctic, and an abundance and great breadth of human characters, from the Inupiaq whaling crews, to the scientists who look to understand nature in this remote region, to owners of famous restaurants, to authors, politicians, photographers and storytellers.  At the web site, the character and human aspects of the Arctic is recorded and told from the context of a part of the Earth that is undergoing rapid and likely “permanent” change.