Living In Fairbanks (Bill Simpson)

Video Shot in: 2009

Bill Simpson is talking about his appreciation for the unique qualities of Fairbanks, Alaska. He notes that everyone there is into something, whether it’s winter sports, spring activities, or summer adventures like canoeing. He likes that the people there are lucky to live in a place with a manageable population size, unlike some places where there are so many people doing the same job that they begin to lose their individuality. Bill also appreciates the friendly and helpful nature of the people in Fairbanks, who are clever and have a lot of know-how in order to survive in the challenging environment. He contrasts this with his experience in Germany, where he found that people put up a shield and didn’t interact as much with strangers, possibly due to the larger population. He concludes that Fairbanks is lucky to be the right size for maintaining a sense of community and individuality.