How is the Ice Cover Changing?

Hajo Eicken studies ice changes in different parts of the Arctic over decades. He studies how expansive ice is, how thick it is and how good it is at reflecting light (its albedo). He also relates his studies to how Native people are using the ice.

Stories About Sea Ice and Polar Bears

Hajo Eicken explains what’s so fascinating about sea ice. He also talks about the wonderful collaboration of scientists in the study of sea ice. One great story here on his experience with polar bears feeding on beluga

Loss of Ice & Changes In The Arctic

As Director of the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, glaciologist Hajo Eicken has less time for field work. Last time we talked, 2007 was the first time the world had seen a significant decline in summer sea ice. Since then, new records have been set and the new normal is […]